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Aviva Inspires City Tan Collection The world’s first 30-Minute Wash-Off Tan™


Aviva Inspires City Tan Collection The world’s first 30-Minute Wash-Off Tan™ is a Super Express™ sunless tanning solution allowing your clients to shower after as little as 30 minutes.

Available in 3 Gorgeous Shades

1. 30 Minutes to Honolulu™
Delivers a luxuriant brown tan that looks flawless and natural on every skin type. This versatile rapid tan’s flexibility means you will be prepared no matter which type of client walks through your door.

2. 30 Minutes to Miami™
Enjoy the Caribbean warmth of Miami. Brings out a healthy pink glow to liven up and excite naturally inherent brown tones in darker skin. It is perfect for anyone with an olive skin tone.

3. 30 Minutes to Hollywood™
Experience the glow of a Hollywood celebrity. Is renowned for its soft, golden brown hues and subtle nature. It is welcoming for first timers, conservative clients, or anyone who may be nervous about looking too dark.

30 Minutes to HOLLYWOOD™ produces a golden color while 30 Minutes to MIAMI™ is perfect for those with dark skin tones or those that have a yellow or olive undertone to their skin.

City Tans are a 30-minute wash-off tan. The development isn’t done in 30 minutes, they aren’t tan in 30-minutes—it just means that you can now shower in as little as 30 minutes for a light tan, 60 minutes for a medium tan and 90 minutes for a dark tan.

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